Higher Education as an important Stage in Formation of Personality

To start a simple example of life. Childhood and deep youth, when any motivation is expressed only by the word “I want”. It has not yet been backed up with the knowledge and capabilities to achieve the desired goal, which because of this seem unattainable. Adult life, when to realize almost any youthful dream (within reasonable limits) is as easy as simply clicking your fingers. Now that those “goals” have already been achieved, they do not seem so unattainable, but the present goals are just the opposite, beyond. But as soon as we conquer a new peak, we begin to get lost in bewilderment: “Why did I think this before, if not impossible, it’s too difficult and difficult for me (!) To manage this?”

I wonder? Welks under the “cat”.

Need I say that the human brain is a complex mechanism, which apparently by default blocks adequate perception of human capabilities, the most reflexively protecting it from deep disappointments. This, the so-called protection, which is inherent in our childhood, is called upon temporarily (!) To protect the fragile person from the disastrous for her, and the very painful reaction that arises from life’s failures and failures. The mechanism for removing this shell was developed over the centuries, and authorship belongs to natural processes that are individual in each individual society. Therefore, it is not important, by what example we will consider the development and formation of the personality. Both in the development of the beast, and in the development of man, there are steps that are usually called growing up. We will go over them.

The first step, childhood. Parents try to keep us in the illusory ideal world as long as possible, diligently hiding the perishable worries of children’s curiosity, protected by one single right answer to all our reasons: “Grow up – you’ll understand!”

As we grow older, we go through the stage of education by the street & now online sources i.e PK Planet , someone has the kindergarten stage, but the next important stage is probably worth the school. At school, we are driven into a lot of unnecessary knowledge, most of which will never be useful in adulthood. But still, the school solves such problems as the formation of the concept of the essence of the world and responds to some of the same, children’s “Why?”. It helps to reveal what we like, and what we can not stand, it shows us that in the world there is a place of injustice and that evil will not always be punished. In other words, it begins the process of removing the very protection that was mentioned at the beginning. And that’s worth noting, depending on many factors that help or vice versa, prevent the removal of this natural protection, we get a huge spread in the quality of personality formation. This is the reason,

We move on. The army and the university. And one and the second is the ideal place for the further development of the personality, but the first one for the many reasons works radically wrongly, and in this aspect, as it is now, turns into a serious test for unformed individuals. For lack of exhaustive facts, about all the military units that would allow us to analyze, compare and evaluate each separately, we will talk about universities that are more similar and less different, regardless of location.

What does higher education give us?

Now we have come to the scrupulous question of what gives us higher education. Answer me a simple question, but how did you imagine higher education while still a schoolboy? I will not try to guess, but I will assume that at that age the tower looks like some kind of special, important and complex knowledge that makes people much smarter. And do you know where these thoughts come from? Everything is simple, the availability of higher education, this is what distinguishes teachers, engineers, bank employees, directors of enterprises and deputies of the State from ourselves. After all, we can not know that some of them have never studied at the institute, and a part in general has graduated only nine classes of secondary school. That’s why we automatically attribute the presence of a tower to them.

For the same reason, we are eager to receive a diploma and relevant knowledge that will allow us to realize ourselves, but who said that the knowledge gained before that moment was relevant?

But still, let’s get closer to the very process of getting higher education. Here the way information is presented differs qualitatively from teaching in school. There are lectures that read as if it were a regular news bulletin, but the investigation, facts and details are to be learned by yourself. And here opens the main law of higher education, which is that you yourself could choose where you need to know this minimum, and what interests you deeper and more. And this is just fine, otherwise all would be decided for us by others, which I do not want anyone to believe.

Naturally, now someone will have an objection: “If I chose the profession of an economist, then I want to be taught me to understand the economy.” But only in reality everything is a little bit different. There are minimal and stable knowledge on which everything else is built. And there is a category of recent achievements in a particular field. All that is between them is a temporary information field, whose relevance changes so quickly that it makes no sense to prepare people who will teach it. The study of this part of the information is always assigned to those who really need it.

And now about the relevance of knowledge, which gives higher education. The fact is that the depth of this knowledge excludes the need for their 100% relevance. Any programmer or layout designer will smile at the complexity of those labs that students do on html, c ++ and so on. And with other objects the same way. In fact, if you stop deceiving yourself and frankly confess to yourself, then the real training that allows you to pass the session without problems, takes not so much time as we imagine. And in reality there is more than enough time for self-development.

If quite frankly, then at the university you have much more time to learn important and necessary things than in real life. If this article is read by students, then I would like to emphasize: if now the teaching of that university minimum takes away a lot of energy and energy from you, if under this load you are not able to do self-development and self-education for what you really want to do in this life, then say , please, how will you manage to do this when you get a job? Perhaps I will disappoint someone, but if in the conditions of the university, you do not find time to work on yourself, then a few years after graduation, one day suddenly notice that you are hopelessly behind the times.

Everyone probably knows, every teacher likes to emphasize the fact that the university does not give knowledge, but he teaches them to receive. So, this is really the right saying, and it is worthy of the teachers telling it to their students much more often.

On this, perhaps, I will end, since the writing of the publication has taken longer than I expected, but I hope that I still answered some of the questions that the young student brain disturbs from time to time. Thank you all for your attention, the continuation is not ruled out.


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